Riva’s new 76 footer already sold

Riva’s new 76 footer already sold

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When orders are placed for a new model just as soon as it’s announced, you can be sure it’s going to be a real winner! The new Riva 76 Coupé is just such a boat, and with its impeccable pedigree, divine styling and exquisite designer interior it’s very easy to see why.

The Riva 76 Coupé sits neatly between Riva’s 68 Ego Super and 88 Domino Super. Like the Ego it has three suites plus crew rather than the four of the Domino, an owner’s suite plus a second double and a twin for guests. But it also has the sundeck-cum-flybridge of the Domino with the option for an upper helm station which the Ego doesn’t’ have. With just three suites in a 76ft hull they were always going to be generously spacious. But in this new Riva they are even more so, and that’s because the engines are right at the stern, driving forwards through v-drive gearboxes, giving significant space gains in the cabin areas.

R76C_ds_39707Hull windows, which flood daylight into the lower deck areas, have been around for a while now and are improving all the time. But the size of them on the new 76 Coupé is exceptional. The total window area in this boat is actually a full 40 square metres! The effect is particularly striking in the owner’s suite, where the windows are of a size that gives it more the feel of a main deck suite on a superyacht! Indeed, everything about this suite is simply stunning. Firstly, it extends right across the centre of the boat, so it’s almost 16ft wide. It also has an unusually large bathroom, located forward on the port side, with a dressing room in between. This has wardrobes on both sides, one of which is a walk-in. Particular attention has been paid to soundproofing in the owner’s suite, with high levels of insulation all round, and the fuel tank positioned immediately behind the aft bulkhead effectively isolates the suite from the engine room and crew quarters beyond. One other notable feature of the owner’s suite’s beautifully elegant design is the concealed TV, disguised within a mirrored wall at the foot of the bed.

R76C_ds_39710Although the outlook from the owner’s suite is undoubtedly impressive, the views from the main deck saloon are even more breathtaking, through deep windows that run almost uninterrupted all the way round. Here too Riva’s contemporary designer styling is a feast for the eyes, with a beautiful balance of light and dark neutral tones for the decor in a sumptuous mix of surfaces, textures and materials. The discreetly elegant dining table has a glass top to ensure that it visually intrudes as little as possible on the space. Seating is provided by a built-in L-shaped settee plus a collection of cool chic dining chairs by the celebrated designer Poltrona Frau.

R76C_ds_39699And yet, despite all that interior elegance, the 76 Coupé’s best feature, like all Rivas, is its glorious profile. Here again the use of contrasting tones makes an already elegant form utterly stunning. Riva has even taken the trouble to ensure that those flawless lines won’t be compromised by such things as deck fittings and hatches: the mooring gear at the stern is discreetly concealed behind polished stainless steel grills, and at the bow everything is recessed and covered by hatches. The same goes for the access hatch to the sundeck: instead off hinging upwards where it might be visible above the roofline, it slides away out of sight below the sunbeds.

R76C_ds_39697The Riva 76 Coupé comes with a choice of engines: a pair of MAN 1550hp for a top speed of 33 knots, or two MAN 1800hp that increase the top speed to 37 knots.

The Riva 76 Coupé will debut at the Cannes Yachting Festival, 8-13 September 2015.


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