The Brixham Boat Lift makes boat cleaning a piece of cake!

The Brixham Boat Lift makes boat cleaning a piece of cake!

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Struggling to keep your boat clean? Marina caught up with Shaw Smith, Manager at Dartside Quay & Brixham Marina to discover the benefits of the brand new Brixham Boat Lift.

Q What type of work can the new boat lift be used for?

A Antifouling, and any other minor works that do not leave the boat in an unseaworthy condition for more  than 24 hours. In other words, it has to be able to float. Someone could change a seacock but would need to know they can do it with in 24 hours. It can also be used for survey work for boat sales or removal of ropes from around shafts etc.

The lift is a quick fix – if long-term works are required, a boat yard and storage ashore is a more suitable option.

Q What problems could it help to highlight?

A One of the main problems the boat lift can help you identify is corrosion on the vessel. It also allows you to easily clean off any weed on the underside.

The Brixham Boat Lift in action
The Brixham Marina Boat Lift in action

Q What’s the best time of year to use the boat lift?

A This is an all-year-round operation, but as with any works, the better the weather, the better the  experience.

Q How easy is it to use? Can you do it alone or are there staff to help you?

A It is an easy operation. The customer drives their boat in between the steadying arms and the staff do the rest. On average, a boat is lifted clear of the water within 15 minutes. Owners can work on the boat themselves, use preferred contractors or where antifouling is required our staff can apply this for them.

Q How much does the Brixham Boat Lift cost to use?

A At present, a general maintenance lift costs £25 per metre. This gives one hour in the lift and we can pressure wash the hull at no extra charge if required but this does shorten the time available to work on the boat for the first hour. For other works that take over the initial lift hour, then a charge of £30 per hour is payable. Our antifoul labour charge is £25 per metre and the owner supplies the antifoul.

Q What size of boat can it accommodate?

A 60ft LOA 50 tonne, 5.1m beam and a max draft of 3 metres.

Q Are there any limitations to what the Brixham Boat Lift can do?

A There are limitations to what boats we can lift and this is normally due to the vessel’s underwater profile. For example, Dufour yachts cannot sit on the keel without damage occurring. This is due to the yacht having a lot of boat stuck aft of the keel.

The hull of the boat settles onto the keel, and cracks the hull. Nimbus power boats can also be a problem.

When they call to make a booking, customers will be asked a considerable amount of questions such as LOA draft and beam – these are crucial if we are to set up the lift correctly. The make of boat is also important for the reasons mentioned above. Any boat we cannot lift will be directed towards our boatyard at Dartside Quay. Also, owners cannot sleep on board overnight while their boat is on the lift.

Q Who should definitely consider using the Brixham Boat Lift service?

A Boats that have Copper Coat applied should be making the most of this unit as a quick lift and wash will enhance the product. Likewise, someone just about to go cruising for a few weeks could also benefit from a lift and wash prior to the cruise in order to improve speed and fuel efficiency from having a clean bottom!


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