8 fun-packed purchases from Superyacht Tenders and Toys

8 fun-packed purchases from Superyacht Tenders and Toys

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Make the most of family time with these 8 fun-packed buys from Superyacht Tenders and Toys…

Inflatable Slides

from £7,500

How’s this for an impressive big boys’ toy? We’re loving these fabulous inflatable, custom-made yacht slides. Each one is custom built to the exact specification of the vessel taking into account the area in which it is to be deployed on the yacht, ensuring that the design, launching, recovery and storage is all planned to make the slide easy and fun for everyone to use.

Slides can be straight or curved, with or without leg support and yacht names, logos and extra lifting points can be added as required. As each slide is personalised to each vessel design, build prices tend to vary but, as an example, a 5-metre slide comes in at around $11,995 (around £7,500).

Big Boys Toys - Inflatable Slides
© Superyacht Tenders & Toys


from £6,200

If you’ve never heard of a Seabob before they are high-performance electric watercraft that allow you to ride both on the surface and underwater at speeds of up to 20kph.

The Seabob is now available in two models –the F5S, which is the super sporty version and the F5, the lightest model, which gives it a high level of manoeuvrability and performance. The F5 is also suitable for pool complexes if you’re using it at home or on holiday.

You can make use of these nifty little gadgets with or without your dive gear for a truly exhilarating experience.

The Seabob F5S retails at €10,780 ex VAT (around £8,600) and the F5 retails at €7,845 ex VAT (around £6,200)

Radinn Electric Wakeboard

from £12,000

Adrenalin junkies, this one’s for you! This brand new product is due to be launched in spring 2015 and looks pretty special.

This lightweight, carbon fibre electric wakeboard with jet propulsion from Radinn is controlled by an ergonomic, wireless handset so you’ll feel in control from your very first ride.

Big Boys Toys - The Flyboard
© Superyacht Tenders & Toys

We love it because it’s strangely quiet when running, it turns just like a wakeboard and is capable of doing up to 25 knots!

The makers say it’s small enough to carry around in the boot of your car – the expected weight is just 29kg – it has an amazing ride time of 40 to 60 minutes on just one charge.

We’ll take two, please! Get yours for €15,000 ex VAT.

The Flyboard

from £4,200

If you’ve always harboured a James Bond obsession you’re going to love this!

The Flyboard is a water-jet powered board worn on the feet, which connects to a Jet-ski allowing underwater propulsion and flights of up to a white-knuckle inducing 12 metres in height.

Big Boys Toys - The Flyboard
© Superyacht Tenders & Toys

Its hose connects to the back of the Jet-ski and then there are two ways to use it – with the Basic Kit, a second rider on the Jet-ski controls the throttle which elevates the rider on the Flyboard.

Alternatively, with the additional Pro Throttle kit, the Flyboard user has complete control over the throttle and the Jet-ski follows wherever the rider chooses to go.

With prices from £4,200, it could be the most fun you can have under £5K!

Inflatable Toys

from £POA

If you really love the sea, you can’t just have one inflatable toy – you need a whole waterpark! Build your own inflatable stations at the stern of your yacht with slides, climbing frames, sea pools, trampolines, sailing boats, paddleboards and much more.

Thanks to the small pack-down size and ease of storage, these toys can be used on almost any size of yacht, too. Aquaglide inflatables come with the ability to interlock to create endless combinations, so the only limit is your imagination. These are the perfect summer toys, especially if you’ve got children or like to holiday with family and friends. Contact Superyacht Tenders and Toys for prices.

Big Boys Toys - Inflatable Toys
© Superyacht Tenders & Toys

The Sea Pool

from £3,000

The Sea Pool provides a fun and safe ocean swim for you and your family by allowing seawater into the pool through clever, grid-covered holes designed to keep you in and any unwelcome sea creatures out! The pool is made out of a rigid drop-stitch material, which allows you to walk around or simply catch some rays on the comfortable surrounding walkways.

Custom pools can be built to any size and yacht names, logos and custom colours can be added for a really personal feel. A 5mx5m custom pool retails at around $10,995 (around £7,200) but if that’s a little out of your price range, Aquaglide also offers a smaller stock 4mx4m drop-stitch pool for just  €3,995 (£3,000).

Big Boys Toys - The Sea Pool
© Superyacht Tenders & Toys

Inflatable Docks

from £2,800

A unique way to extend the use of your yacht is with an inflatable dock like this. Stock or custom docks can easily sit alongside a yacht or be anchored alone to provide a multitude of different uses – Jet-ski docks, seabob docks, extra space for tenders, sunbathing platforms, yoga platforms… The list is truly endless.

Docks can be custom built to a yacht’s own configuration with your name and logo added if required or they can be bought in modules to fit together so you can make them as extensive as you like.

With prices starting from about $4,500 (around £2,800) this is an easy way to make even more of your yacht without spending a fortune.

Big Boys Toys - Inflatable Docks
© Superyacht Tenders & Toys

Stand Up Paddleboards

from £POA

Stand up paddleboarding is currently the fastest-growing watersport and is an easy, accessible sport for anyone to get into, no matter what your fitness level.

This is an extremely versatile sport with paddlers able to go out on the sea, lakes, rivers, canals, ride breaking waves or travel long distances along sea coasts.

There are a large range of SUPs available – both rigid and inflatable – from brands such as Starboard, Fanatic, Naish, Red, Bic, Jobe and more.

There are racing boards, boards for surf, boards for yoga, boards suitable for carrying out maintenance on the hull of your yacht and much more. It’s just a matter of finding the right one for you.

Big Boys Toys - Stand Up Paddleboards
© Superyacht Tenders & Toys

All products are available at www.superyachttendersandtoys.com


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